My Universe: School Teacher - PS4


Experience your dream job in a game! Live a true-to-life teacher experience as you take care of your own class of cute pupils and compete with other schools to be the best! It's the fun part of being an adult!

School has never been this fun! Become the best teacher in town: improve your pupils' grades through various classes and activities and boost your school rank to the top. In School Teacher, you start as new teacher in a small, slightly old-fashioned school. As your pupils get better, you unlock new minigames, items, game modes, and your school improves. In addition, prepare and decorate your classroom, organize school festivals and win prizes to make your school cooler than the competition!

School has never been this fun! Create your dream teacher! Male or female, skin tone, haircut, clothing. Different gameplay for every lesson – You do the teaching! Meet a great cast of fun and friendly characters! Explore the school and its various environments! Complete quests in Story Mode to make your school more popular or enjoy Free Mode to explore freely and try all class activities!