• Pink and Lovely Day One Edition - With localised art book and exclusive artwork
  • Study humans to save your world! Play as Usamaeru and Kamerieru from Pandemo
  • Oh No, Giant Girls Everywhere! - The Pixies infiltrate a dormitory where everything is giant!
  • Exploration Galore - Shoot strange objects (including Squids), and observe changes from the residents.
  • Third-Person Shooter... With A Twist? - The guns are loaded with Happy Bullets with positive effects
  • Ready for Action - Each of your characters has a set weapon type
  • A Diverse Game - A shooter with plenty of adventure and a real story (and tentacles)!
  • Stage Types - Search and Combat, Pacification and Bathing - each with a different objective!
  • Go Shopping! - Check out the shop and get new scopes, weapons, and costumes!