Colors Live - Switch


  • Colors sonarpen: features pressure-sensitivity, a natural painting feeling and fully customizable stroke thickness, opacity, or both
  • Paint anywhere: Paint from the comfort of your own home or on the go
  • colors quest: a creative new game-mode, where you spend a little time painting every day to progress and level up. Designed for beginners and masters alike, you'll get to see how your painting skills improve day-by-day
  • the colors gallery: colors live also features integration with the Widely popular colors gallery to which the community has uploaded an astonishing 4 million paintings, each with a unique painting playback. Follow your friends and talented artists and share your creations with the world
  • painting playback: record or watch as a painting comes together from start to finish and learn how it was created
  • Paint together with a friend: players can use a shared canvas and collaborate on a painting from the comfort of their own homes via Nintendo online