Digimon 41924NP Bandai DigimonX (Green & Blue) -Virtual Monster Pet by Tamagotchi

  • A BRAND NEW DIGIVICE: A modern take on the retro toy that took the 90s by storm - with all the nostalgia but upgraded with additional features!
  • CARE FOR YOUR VERY OWN DIGIMON: Hatch them, feed them, train them, clean up after them and keep your cyber companion healthy and happy.
  • EVOLVE YOUR VIRTUAL MONSTERS: With varied evolutions for 30 Digimon, the way you raise and train your digital companion determines how they'll Digivolve!
  • QUEST MODE: Go on adventures with your Digimon to help them level up and evolve with the new Quest Mode.
  • BATTLE WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Connect your device with a friend's via the Rock & Dock feature, and pit your Digimon against each other in a binary bout to find out who's the strongest - whether you win will depend on how well you've trained your Digimon!