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The FIFA 18 demo has been released – the wait is ALMOST over. FIFA 18 will be released late September. Until then let's go through some info about the demo.

When is the demo out?

The FIFA 18 demo has gone live yesterday evening – September 12.

The demo can be downloaded from Origin, PSN Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

So get downloading!

How can I download the demo on Xbox, PS4 and PC?

The demo will appear in Origin, PS Store and Xbox Live. It’ll be ‘Featured’ so should be easy to find.

If there are any issues, use the ‘search’ function and type in ‘FIFA 18 demo’.

Once you find it, click ‘download’ and it’ll begin the process.

How long will it take to download?


This will depend on your internet connection but there are some tips to help it go faster.
Firstly connect your console or PC via Ethernet, this is noticeably faster than a WiFi connection.
Secondly make sure you stop any streaming programs (looking at you Netflix) as they will slow down the connection.
Thirdly go make some tea because at 7.3GB it is going to take around an hour or two  for most people to download this demo.

Who can I play in the demo?

You’ll be able to play as a number of teams including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG and Juventus.

Here’s the full line up:

  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • Real Madrid
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Juventus
  • Bayern Munich
  • PSG
  • LA Galaxy
  • Toronto FC

If you'd like to pre-order the game you can do so here: