Days Gone Understanding Deacon St. John

If you didn’t know from the biker cut on his back, in his previous life, Deacon St. John was member of a motorcycle gang. He learned a lot from being part of that group, and that’s helped him survive the world of 'Days Gone'.

Deacon is not your typical Hero, he is a real person with good and bad traits. When playing as this protagonist you'll fully experience his anti-hero persona.

He’s a dangerous guy. He’s using his skills where he can – his appetite for violence and mayhem help him excel at his job.

It’s about the human condition – this guy’s a broken man.

Because Deacon has suffered so much loss he holds onto that aspect of his past, and cherishes those relationships. It’s about him finding himself, because he no longer has his motorcycle gang.

Throw in hordes of Freakers into his path and all mayhem breaks loose! but Deacon knows when to move, with his trusty modified Motorcycle he knows when its time to escape and hopefully live another day.