Battlefield V: The Company

The Company

Battlefield V brings you on an unfolding journey through a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. The Company is your collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, which grow and change along that journey. Through every multiplayer mode your Company stands with you from the very start of your combat tour, ready for a fight. 

There will be two multiplayer factions at launch – the British and German armies – that you can build your Company from. You’ll be able to create one personalized Company per faction, each containing a set of soldiers and vehicles to tinker with.


The Classes

The iconic classes of Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic make a return – each specced out for different battlefield conditions, each with distinct abilities and unique loadouts.

The Assault class is the frontline attack force, putting the fear into the enemies as they storm up to the objectives with their powerful close quarter combat expertise.
The assault also has access to some devastating explosives that are sure to put a tank in its place.

The Support class keeps the momentum of the battle going, by resupplying their fellow teammates and laying down some heavy LMG suppressing fire to keep the enemies at bay. This class is also the handiest when it comes to building fortifications and is the only class that can assemble stationary turrets and metal fortifications.

The medic class is the heart of the team and acts as the guardian angel, Supplying health packs and picking up wounded players. They hold their own in combat with medium-range weapons, but the medic's true weapon is the syringe, which revives any teammate faster than the new non-medic revive available to everyone in your squad.

This class is the glint of reflective light the enemy sees in the distance before they're on the ground calling for a Medic. The sniper rifle is the hallmark of the Recon class, where precision, patience, and map knowledge let them neutralize enemies from afar. They’re also instrumental for team play – the Recon class can use its range and Gadgets to call out intelligence to their team.