World War 2 shooter Battlefield V will have two in-game currencies. First currency being a premium currency will be used solely for buying cosmetic items, while a secondary currency is what players earn as they keep playing.

Any items or boosts that make players more powerful can only be obtained by playing the game, EA have confirmed that the game will not have randomized loot boxes, a feature that was present and then removed in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

"Battlefield V will have currency available for purchase with real-world money. That premium currency can be used to buy cosmetic items for use in-game," claimed Polygon. The site was first to break the news that the game wouldn't have loot boxes too.

The game will also include a so-called 'grind currency ‘The only way to earn gear that modifies how your character plays can only be earned by progressing through the game. This could imply that the only form of micro-transactions the game will have is in the form of cosmetic items to customize your character's appearance.